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CWE lista

CWE-1066 The software contains a serializable data element that does not have an associated serialization method.
CWE-1067 The software contains a data query against an SQL table or view that is configured in a way that does not utilize an index and may cause sequential searches to be performed.
CWE-1068 The implementation of the product is not consistent with the design as described within the relevant documentation.
CWE-1069 An invokable code block contains an exception handling block that does not contain any code, i.e. is empty.
CWE-107 An unused validation form indicates that validation logic is not up-to-date.
CWE-1070 The software contains a serializable, storable data element such as a field or member, but the data element contains member elements that are not serializable.
CWE-1071 The source code contains a block that does not contain any code, i.e., the block is empty.
CWE-1072 The software accesses a data resource through a database without using a connection pooling capability.
CWE-1073 The software contains a client with a function or method that contains a large number of data accesses/queries that are sent through a data manager, i.e., does not use efficient database capabilities.
CWE-1074 A class has an inheritance level that is too high, i.e., it has a large number of parent classes.