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CWE lista

CWE-1075 The software performs unconditional control transfer (such as a "goto") in code outside of a branching structure such as a switch block.
CWE-1076 The product's architecture, source code, design, documentation, or other artifact does not follow required conventions.
CWE-1077 The code performs a comparison such as an equality test between two float (floating point) values, but it uses comparison operators that do not account for the possibility of loss of precision.
CWE-1078 The source code does not follow desired style or formatting for indentation, white space, comments, etc.
CWE-1079 A parent class contains one or more child classes, but the parent class does not have a virtual destructor method.
CWE-108 Every Action Form must have a corresponding validation form.
CWE-1080 A source code file has too many lines of code.
CWE-1082 The code contains a class instance that calls the method or function to delete or destroy itself.
CWE-1083 The software is intended to manage data access through a particular data manager component such as a relational or non-SQL database, but it contains code that performs data access operations without using that component.
CWE-1084 A function or method contains too many operations that utilize a data manager or file resource.