Pretraži prema CWE oznaci - CERT CVE

CWE lista

CWE-1085 A function, method, procedure, etc. contains an excessive amount of code that has been commented out within its body.
CWE-1086 A class contains an unnecessarily large number of children.
CWE-1087 A class contains a virtual method, but the method does not have an associated virtual destructor.
CWE-1088 The code has a synchronous call to a remote resource, but there is no timeout for the call, or the timeout is set to infinite.
CWE-1089 The software uses a large data table that contains an excessively large number of indices.
CWE-109 Automatic filtering via a Struts bean has been turned off, which disables the Struts Validator and custom validation logic. This exposes the application to other weaknesses related to insufficient input validation.
CWE-1090 A method for a class performs an operation that directly accesses a member element from another class.
CWE-1091 The software contains a method that accesses an object but does not later invoke the element's associated finalize/destructor method.
CWE-1092 The software uses the same control element across multiple architectural layers.
CWE-1093 The software uses an unnecessarily complex internal representation for its data structures or interrelationships between those structures.