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CWE lista

CWE-1048 The code contains callable control elements that contain an excessively large number of references to other application objects external to the context of the callable, i.e. a Fan-Out value that is excessively large.
CWE-1049 The software performs a data query with a large number of joins and sub-queries on a large data table.
CWE-105 The application has a form field that is not validated by a corresponding validation form, which can introduce other weaknesses related to insufficient input validation.
CWE-1050 The software has a loop body or loop condition that contains a control element that directly or indirectly consumes platform resources, e.g. messaging, sessions, locks, or file descriptors.
CWE-1051 The software initializes data using hard-coded values that act as network resource identifiers.
CWE-1052 The software initializes a data element using a hard-coded literal that is not a simple integer or static constant element.
CWE-1053 The product does not have documentation that represents how it is designed.
CWE-1054 The code at one architectural layer invokes code that resides at a deeper layer than the adjacent layer, i.e., the invocation skips at least one layer, and the invoked code is not part of a vertical utility layer that can be referenced from any horizontal layer.
CWE-1055 The software contains a class with inheritance from more than one concrete class.
CWE-1056 A named-callable or method control element has a signature that supports a variable (variadic) number of parameters or arguments.